Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee services
Bank Guarantee services

Bank Guarantee Services

A Bank guarantee (BG) is a promise from a bank/NBFC that the liabilities of a debtor will be met in the event that you fail to fulfill your contractual obligations. With a BG, assets are safe and secured & only waged if the other party in the contract fulfills the designated words agreed upon.

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Chandra Credit Ltd. has been in the business for almost two decades and has come a long way after beginning its journey perhaps in one of the tough and challenging times.  We help our patrons to find perfect solutions for fund requirement with professional excellence. Team Chandra Credit Ltd. specializes in project funding, funding for business, corporate finance, trade finance, debt syndication, structured funding & private equity and comes out with appropriate funding options. We are dedicated to delivering our best on our job with complete focus and reliability.

Required Documents for Claiming Bank Guarantee Services

  • Application Form: The applicant must fill out an application form provided by the bank, providing details such as the type of guarantee, amount, beneficiary information, and validity period.
  • Supporting Documents: Depending on the type of guarantee, additional documents may be required, such as the contract or agreement between the applicant and beneficiary, financial statements, and identification documents.

There are different types of bank guarantees, including:

  1. Performance Guarantee: This type of guarantee ensures that the supplier or contractor will fulfil their contractual obligations, such as delivering goods or completing a project. In case of non-performance, the bank will compensate the beneficiary up to the guaranteed amount.
  2. Bid Bond Guarantee: When participating in a competitive bidding process, companies may be required to submit a bid bond guarantee. This guarantee assures the buyer that if the winning bidder fails to sign the contract or provide the required performance guarantee, the bank will compensate the buyer for any losses incurred.
  3. Advance Payment Guarantee: In certain situations, buyers may request an advance payment from the seller to fund production or other activities. To protect the buyer, the seller may be required to provide an advance payment guarantee. This guarantee ensures that if the seller fails to deliver the goods or services as agreed, the buyer can recover the advanced payment from the bank.
  4. Financial Guarantee: Financial institutions may issue guarantees to support their customers' financial obligations. For example, a bank may issue a financial guarantee to secure a loan or credit facility, providing assurance to the lender that the borrower will fulfil their repayment obligations.
 Bank Guarantee services in india

Cost of Bank Guarantees Services in India

  1. Commission/Service Fees: Banks charge a commission or service fee, usually a percentage of the guaranteed amount or a flat fee, based on the risk involved and the duration of the guarantee.
  2. Margin/Security Deposit: Banks may require a margin or security deposit, typically a percentage of the guaranteed amount, to cover any potential claims.
  3. Other Charges: Additional charges such as stamp duty, documentation fees, and handling charges may also apply.

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It's important to note that the specific requirements, costs, and benefits of bank guarantees may vary depending on the bank and the specific terms and conditions of the guarantee. It's advisable to consult with your bank or financial institution to get accurate information tailored to your situation and requirements.

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Benefits of Bank Guarantees Services

Risk Mitigation: Bank guarantees mitigate risks by ensuring that parties fulfil their contractual obligations, reducing the likelihood of financial loss.

Credibility and Trust: Having a bank stand as a guarantor enhances the credibility of the applicant, instilling trust and confidence in business relationships.

Access to Opportunities: Bank guarantees enable businesses to participate in contracts, tenders, and trade deals that require such guarantees, expanding their market reach and opportunities.

Legal Protection: Bank guarantees provide legal protection, allowing the beneficiary to make a claim in case of default, providing a legal remedy for financial losses.

International Trade Facilitation: Bank guarantees are widely recognized and accepted globally, facilitating cross-border transactions and international trade.

Cash Flow Management: Bank guarantees allow businesses to avoid tying up their own capital as collateral, enabling better cash flow management and financial flexibility.

Remember, bank guarantees can be powerful tools for businesses, providing security, credibility, and facilitating smooth commercial transactions.

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