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Letter of Credit
Letter of Credit

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A Letter of Credit (LC) is a financial instrument used in international trade transactions to provide a guarantee of payment to the seller by a bank on behalf of the buyer. It ensures that the seller will receive the payment as long as they meet the terms and conditions specified in the LC. An Import Letter of Credit, often abbreviated as LC or L/C, is a financial instrument commonly used in international trade to facilitate the purchase of goods between a buyer (importer) and a seller (exporter) in different countries. It acts as a guarantee from a buyer's bank to the seller that the buyer will make the payment for the goods, provided the seller meets the specified terms and conditions outlined in the letter of credit.

Understanding Import Letter of Credit

In the realm of international trade, an Import Letter of Credit stands as a pivotal instrument facilitating secure transactions between importers and exporters across borders. Delving deeper into its significance, structure, and application process unveils a world of opportunities for businesses seeking seamless importation.

The Essence of Import Letter of Credit

At its core, an Import Letter of Credit serves as a guarantee of payment issued by a bank on behalf of an importer, ensuring that the exporter will receive payment upon fulfilling the terms and conditions stipulated in the letter. This financial instrument not only fosters trust between parties involved but also mitigates the risks associated with cross-border transactions.

Why Opt for an Import Letter of Credit?

Choosing an Import Letter of Credit offers myriad benefits, including:

Risk Mitigation: By leveraging the expertise of financial institutions, importers can safeguard themselves against potential payment defaults or non-performance by exporters.

Flexibility: Import Letters of Credit can be tailored to suit specific trade requirements, offering a customizable solution adaptable to diverse business needs.

Global Acceptance: Recognized and accepted worldwide, Import Letters of Credit provide a universally acknowledged mechanism for conducting international trade transactions.

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Documents Required for Letter of Credit:

We at Chandra Credit Only ask clients to provide:-

  1. Commercial Invoice (Performa Invoice) : It includes details of the goods or services being traded, such as quantity, price, and description.

A performa invoice is a preliminary bill of sale sent to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. It outlines a seller's commitment to deliver products or services to a buyer at specified prices. However, unlike a true commercial invoice, it is not a demand for payment. Instead, it is used to declare the value of the trade.

Key elements typically included in a performa invoice are:

  1. Description of the goods or services
  2. Quantity of goods or services
  3. Price per unit
  4. Total price
  5. Terms of sale (including delivery terms and payment terms)
  6. Any applicable discounts or taxes
  7. Validity period of the performa invoice

Businesses often use performa invoice in international trade to provide important information to the buyer, such as the expected costs of the transaction, to assist with customs clearance, or to secure financing. It also helps the buyer in making informed decisions and arranging payment.

Letter of Credit

Import Letter of Credit Cost

Understanding the Costs of a Import Letter of Credit

When engaging in international trade, businesses often seek the security and reliability offered by a Letter of Credit (LC). While the benefits of this financial instrument are clear, it's crucial to comprehend the associated costs to make informed decisions. At chandra Credit, we prioritize transparency, and below, we break down the typical costs involved in obtaining a Letter of Credit.

Issuance Fee:

What is it? The issuance fee is the amount charged by the issuing bank for creating and issuing the Letter of Credit. This fee compensates the bank for the administrative work involved in setting up the LC.

How much? The issuance fee varies among banks and is usually a percentage of the overall value of the Letter of Credit.

Why Choose Chandra Credit for Import Letter of Credit Services?

Transparent Fee Structure: At Chandra Credit we believe in transparency. Our fee structure is communicated clearly, ensuring that you are aware of the costs associated with obtaining a Letter of Credit from the outset.

Competitive Rates: We strive to offer competitive rates for our services, providing value for your investment in securing smooth international transactions.

Personalized Consultation: Our team is available for personalized consultations to address any queries regarding the costs and benefits of utilizing Letters of Credit for your specific business needs.

Understanding the costs associated with a Letter of Credit is crucial for effective financial planning in international trade. For detailed information and to discuss your specific requirements, contact us today.
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Benefits of Import Letter of Credit in International Trade Business

An Import Letter of Credit (LC) is a crucial financial tool in international trade, offering numerous benefits to both importers and exporters. Here are some key advantages:

For Importers:

  1. Payment Assurance: An Import LC assures the importer that payment will only be made if the exporter meets all specified terms and conditions, providing a safeguard against incomplete or incorrect deliveries.

  2. Improved Negotiation Power: With an LC, importers can negotiate better terms with suppliers, as it reduces the perceived risk for the exporter, leading to potentially better pricing or more favorable terms.

  3. Creditworthiness: The issuing bank’s involvement enhances the importer’s credibility, making it easier to secure trade deals, especially with new or distant suppliers.

  4. Cash Flow Management: Import LCs can offer deferred payment terms, allowing importers to receive and sell the goods before making payment, thus improving cash flow and working capital management.

  5. Risk Mitigation: Import LCs mitigate various risks, including political risk, exchange rate risk, and credit risk, by involving banks in the transaction, ensuring that payment is made only when terms are met.

  6. Trade Facilitation: LCs streamline the import process by providing a clear framework for the transaction, reducing misunderstandings and disputes between trading partners.

For Exporters:

  1. Payment Guarantee: An Import LC provides a payment guarantee from a reputable bank, ensuring that the exporter will receive payment upon fulfilling the contract terms, reducing the risk of non-payment.

  2. Enhanced Cash Flow: Exporters can use the LC as collateral to secure pre-shipment and post-shipment financing, improving their cash flow and allowing them to take on more orders.

  3. Market Expansion: By offering the security of an LC, exporters can confidently enter new markets and establish relationships with new buyers, knowing that payment is secured.

  4. Reduced Credit Risk: The issuing bank assumes the credit risk of the importer, allowing the exporter to focus on fulfilling the order without worrying about the importer’s creditworthiness.

  5. Documentary Compliance: LCs require precise documentation, which helps ensure that all parties comply with the agreed terms and conditions, leading to smoother transactions and reduced disputes.

  6. Timely Payment: LCs ensure that payment is made within a specified timeframe after the required documents are presented and verified, providing predictability and reliability in cash flow management.


So, The Import Letter of Credit is an invaluable instrument in international trade, offering significant benefits to both importers and exporters. It ensures payment security, facilitates better cash flow management, and mitigates various risks associated with cross-border transactions. By leveraging the advantages of Import LCs, businesses can enhance their trade operations, build stronger international relationships, and achieve greater financial stability.

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How to Apply for a Import Letter of Credit with Us?

To apply for an Import Letter of Credit (LC) with us, please follow these steps:

Contact Us: Reach out to us to express your interest in applying for an Import LC. You can do this by visiting our branch, contacting our relationship manager, or using our Website.

Provide Necessary Information: You will need to provide detailed information about your import transaction, including the supplier's details, description of the goods, quantity, price, delivery terms, and any other relevant information like Performa Invoice.

Submit Documents: You will be required to submit certain documents, such as performa invoice as requested by us.

Receive draft LC: You will receive the Draft LC, based on your requirements and the terms of the transaction. Review the draft carefully to ensure that all details are accurate and meet your needs.

Application Form: If you need any changes complete the Import LC application form provided by us. Ensure that all the information provided is accurate and complete.

Review and Approval: Our bank will review your application and documents to assess the creditworthiness of your business and the viability of the import transaction. If everything is in order, we will approve your application and issue the Import LC.

Bank Charges: Pay the applicable Bank charges for the issuance of the Import LC. The fees typically include bank charges as per our bank's schedule of charges.

Receive the LC: Once approved, you will receive the Import LC, which you can then provide to your supplier to initiate the shipment of goods.

Please note that the process may vary slightly depending on our bank's policies and procedures. It is advisable to contact us directly for specific instructions on how to apply for an Import LC with us.

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