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Letter of Credit, Finance Company India
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letter of credit
  External commercial borrowing (ECB)
  Debt syndication for bigger projects/expansion plan etc
  Inter-Corporate Deposits ( ICD)
  Debt swapping at lower rate of interest with enhanced facility
  Standby letter of credit (SBLC)
  Debt re-structuring
  Funds against shares
  Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI )
  Preparation of project reports
  Private equity ( PE )
  Venture capital ( VC )
  Packing credit limit
  Letter of Credit (L/C)
  Bank Guarantee
  Trade Finance
  Internal credit rating
  Infrastructure Finance
  Project Finance In India


letter of credit, international letter of credit, letter of credit india

Letter of credit is a document issued by a financial institution, used primarily in trade finance, which usually provides an irrevocable payment undertaking. Letters of credit are used primarily in international trade transactions of significant value, for deals between a supplier in one country and a customer in another.

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